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Monday, 23 November 2015

Look Good! Feel Good - for Those Holidays!

We’ve Officially Entered Party Season

Imagine Yourself Without Zits!

Tame the acne beast

Don’t You Just Love a Newly Sharpened Eyeliner Pencil?

Enhance Your Eyes with Eyeliner

Know the 3 P’s of applying eyeliner :
Practice, Patience & Precision

Want Perfect Makeup?

Do You Prep Your Face Correctly Before Applying Makeup?

The Truth Behind Sleeping With Makeup On

Sleeping In Makeup Is Bad For You, Unless You’re OK With Clogged Pores & Broken Eyelashes

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Is your ‘Iron Man’ brave enough to try Halloween makeup.

 Follow detailed tutorial  

Self-confidence with makeup

Are You Ready For this Bold Look?

All the ‘spooks-spiration’ you need for Halloween

Secrets for eyes that sparkle

Do you use correct lighting for applying your makeup?

Share photos of your makeup lighting.

She cried while applying her makeup!

Amazing secrets for longer lashes