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Thursday, 27 August 2015

How to Use Eye Makeup Brushes - NEW - Using Eye Makeup Brushes for Dummies

Be taken seriously in the workplace!

Look stylish but professional.

Can you embrace the clumpy lashes trend?

Smokey Eye Look Tutorial - 3 MINUTES - Step by Step

What is tontouring?

You will not believe this new trend!

Enhance your natural features

Enhance your natural features by choosing makeup in harmony with your hair color.

Nude Makeup Look Routine - 5 MINUTES - Everyday Makeup

Friday, 14 August 2015

Up Your Makeup Game

Use the right tools to up your makeup game!

For all Rosacea Sufferers

No need to suffer or feel embarrassed if you suffer from Rosacea any longer

Nature's Botox?

Do you know bananas are referred to as nature's botox?
Do I have your attention now?

Eyebrows are so now!

Flatter your face with the perfect brow!

Look Radiant

Look radiant - brighten your face with strobing

Update Your Makeup Technique

Make a significant difference with your makeup technique

Bare Faced Beauty


Keep Calm and Use More Makeup

We Need to Let Go of Certain Trends.

It takes more than a love of shoes and a closet full of trendy clothes to make a true fashionista!

If you choose makeup - there is nothing to apologize for!

Who gets to decide 'what is beauty'?

Beauty is also what lies within you!.

Your makeup brushes are an investment

 Treat them with care 
and they will serve you for many years.