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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Easier Overall Experience With Your Makeup Immediately

Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

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Tips for a Flawless Face

I know there’s probably been a time in your life when you’ve looked back over your Facebook photos and cringed at the sight of your own face. I think we are all guilty of this. What with going out in turbo-tan foundation/face full of makeup/blush that took over my whole cheek? There are those types of mistakes and then there are the ones that you might be still doing every day without even realizing it.

30 Makeup  Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Along with these makeup mistakes there are also easy fixes.

Makeup mistakes - imageWearing the Wrong Shade Of Foundation

We all do it one point or another. Choose two shades that come closest to your skin tone, apply each of them to your jawline, and then go outside to natural light and look in a mirror.

Applying Makeup To Dry Skin

This is a huge no-no. You should be exfoliating once a week because applying foundation onto dry skin will accentuate flakiness, and it will sit on the top of your face instead of blending in.

Letting Tired Eyes Give You Away

Makeup mistakes 1 - image

There are easy tricks for this.  Use a pencil on your water line (the watery, inner rim of your eyelid) to brighten up your eyes and remove any redness.  If you’re fair, use a white or cream pencil.  Medium-skin girls can use a nude liner whereas olive skin could try a gold pencil for brightening. Dark-skin types can try a dark brown eyeliner.
Find the Right Concealer. The shade should be slightly warmer, not lighter, than your natural skin tone. Swipe a few options under your eyes—the best match will disappear completely into your skin. A formula that comes in a pot gives the fullest coverage, a concealer stick more moderate coverage, and a sponge-tipped wand the least.
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Makeup Mistakes to Avoid +Tips for a Flawless Face

Watch this video NOW to see the difference between the right and wrong way to apply makeup.

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Makeup Tricks - Before and After

Do subtle makeup tricks make that much of an impact?

Makeup Tricks

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Makeup Tricks – Before and After

Most makeup tutorials come with little nuggets of advice.Bigger eyes - image
Want eyes that appear bigger?  Line your waterline with a nude eyeliner!  Is the difference between normal eyes and gorgeous doe-like eyes really as simple as a few swipes?
We gathered up a bunch of those little makeup tricks to get to the bottom of it all. The twist? We’re not telling you which is which. Click through each side-by-side comparison to see just how big (or little) of a change they make.  Can you spot the difference?

Can you spot this trick?

Lip liner - image
The answer ……. lip liner
For full details on this amazing trick click here

Can you spot this trick?

Mascara on lower lashes - image
The answer ……… mascara on the lower lashes
For more details on this amazing trick click here
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Do You Know Your Eye Shape?

Do you take into account your eye shape before applying eye makeup?

Eye Makeup For Your Eye Shape

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Know Your Eye Shape

Eye Shape - image
Ever wonder why that smoky cat eye on Pinterest looks completely different (read: wrong) on you? It may be less about your shading and blending skills and more about choosing looks that complement your natural eye shape.
No matter what eye shape you’ve got, the following techniques will give you eyes that pop day or night.

The Best Makeup Look for Your Eye Shape

Hooded Eyes –  You have hooded eyes if … The natural crease of your eye is hidden by an extra layer of skin that hangs down.Hooded EyesThe challenge: “Lids tend to look heavy and partly closed,” says Taylor. Shadows, especially those blended into the crease, also get lost because your upper eyelids is partially covered.Your makeup look: Apply and blend shadow vertically past the crease to open them up. Tightline your top waterline to make your eyes appear bigger, and use mascara to thicken the base of your top lashes, which may also be hidden.
Downturned Eyes – You have downturned eyes if …Instead of pointing upwards or straight out, your eyes turn downward slightly at the outer corners.
Downturned EyesThe challenge: Since the outer corners droop, eyeliner on the upper lids often falls flat and the overall eye shape quickly gets lost.Your makeup look: To give your eyes more lift, skip eyeliner on the lower lashline. Instead, draw a thick, bold line along the upper lid, flicking the end up like a smiley face. “Your eyes were made to wear winged and cat eye looks,” says Taylor.
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Source : totalbeauty.com

Losing a makeup bag!!

So true

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Golden Globe Awards - 2016

Golden Globe Awards 2016

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Stunning Fashion at the Golden Globe Awards

The Golden Globe Awards honour the best in film and television.  They recognize excellence in film and television, both domestic and foreign.  This is an annual formal ceremony and a dinner at which awards are presented which culminates each year with the Academy Awards.

Golden Globes 2016 – Better From the Back

                                                                                                 ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY
G Globe - Hunting-Whitley

teams her antique gold Atelier Versace gown with one very important accessory: her new engagement ring.

G Globe - Kirsen Dunst

wears Valentino Haute Couture with an elaborately criss-crossed back, and Fred Leighton vintage diamonds.

                                                  JENNIFER LAWRENCE
G Globe - Jennifer Lawrence

selects an obliques-baring Dior Haute Couture gown topped with more than 156 carats of Chopard diamonds.

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Source : peoplestylewatch

Makeup Trends for 2016

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New Makeup Trends To Look Forward To

Yearly makeup trends can be pretty hit-or-miss.  I was a fan of most of the trends we saw in 2015, and would be totally okay with them carrying over into 2016.Image result for Image fresh dewy look
While the jury’s still out on whether some trends like contouring and grunge-y eyeliner will stick around, nobody mentioned brows, so I think keeping them thick and fluffy will still be “in”.
There is a consensus that the one trend will be a fresh face with adjectives like “bare,” “dewy,” “glowing,” “soft,” “natural,” and “real-looking” to describe the trend for skin in 2016.

2016 Spring Makeup Trends

The reign of no-makeup makeup is officially over: It’s the season for bright red lips, electric blue eyes, glitter and false lashes.Red lipstick is classic, of course, but never have makeup artists been so united on the shade front as they were this season. The color to know: Snow White apple red—as true as it gets. The finish—satin, like at Dolce & Gabbana (left); patent lacquer, at Nina Ricci; or stay-in-place-all-night matte, at DKNY— is fair game, so long as the lipstick is applied with utter precision.
Red lipstick is classic, of course, but never have makeup artists been so united on the shade front as they were this season.  so long as the lipstick is applied with utter precision.
Any time a non-neutral pops up in a major way, the inevitable first question is: How do I wear it? The answer, when it comes to blue eye makeup, is any way you want. Go smoky with sparkly navy, draw a heavy line of Yves Klein blue across your lids and for days when you want "a little bit of chaos" (and a lot of attention), the hit of cyan Val Garland gave the eyes at Monique Lhulilier (left) will do the trick.

Any time a non-neutral pops up in a major way, the inevitable first question is: How do I wear it? The answer, when it comes to blue eye makeup, is any way you want. Go smoky with sparkly navy, draw a heavy line of blue across your lids and for days when you want “a little bit of chaos” (and a lot of attention)

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Source : Harpers Bazaar

Makeup Through The Ages

Best and worst makeup moments in history. Which era would you choose for the makeup?

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The Amazing Walk Through the History of Makeup

The history of cosmetics spans at least 6000 years and is present in almost every society on earth. Some maintain that cosmetic body art was the earliest form of ritual in human culture, dating over 100,000 years ago from the African Middle Stone Age.

Ancient GreeceAncient Greece - 1 - Image

Minimum makeup was worn during this era and anything obvious was frowned upon

Venetian makeup - 3 - image


During the 16th Century – as an aristocrat –  makeup was favored for the endless stream of balls and parties.

Flappers, Vamps and Silent Movie Queens

At the end of the 19th Century the ‘face’ of makeup changed with the excitement of theatre and silent movie actresses. The period saw the dark, sooty eyes with small rosebud lips.  What was previously makeup for the privileged became makeup for the masses.Flappers - 6 - image

Watch this video below for an  amazing journey through history

Best and Worst Makeup Moments in History #FacePaintBook