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Friday, 7 April 2017

Beauty Advice From Makeup Pros

Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

A common makeup mistake is storing your makeup products in the bathroom.
Why it’s wrong: It sounds strange, but a lot of our beauty products contain natural oils and waxes in them that fluctuating temperatures in the summertime (or after a hot shower) could ruin. While a lot of products are tested to hold up at room temperatures, the consistencies of some natural products, eye creams, perfumes, nail polish, facial masks, and eyeliners fare much better in cooler conditions.
Quick Fix: Move over, milk! Stick your products containing natural or organic ingredients in the fridge to prolong the shelf life and protect your makeup from being exposed to harmful temperatures.

Makeup Artists Wish You Would Stop Doing These Things

As a makeup enthusiast, shopping for beauty products and tinkering with them afterwards can be one of the most fun things you can do. You also probably have a makeup routine you’re so used to following every single time you glam up. But hey, what if you’ve picked up a habit that is a major no-no in the beauty world? While hearing makeup tips from your friends is always appreciated, there’s nothing more valuable than beauty advice from seasoned makeup pros. Here are some things they wish you’d stop doing. Read on to find out how many you are actually guilty of!

Curling your lashes after putting on mascara

An eyelash curler should only be used BEFORE putting on mascara. Mascara makes your eyelashes tacky, and further pinching them between two metal clamps is just asking for trouble, according to MUA Kristina Johnston. Always follow the golden rule: curl first, mascara last.

Piling on too much makeup

Celebrity makeup artist Beau Nelson firmly believes that you can look however you want to look, but he’s concerned that quite a number of women may be too engrossed with Instagram trends. He said that putting on too much makeup does not look flattering in pictures with professional lighting, let alone full daylight and fluorescent lights.

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Source : Wayne Goss

Apply Blush For Your Face Shape

Apply Blush For Your Face Shape

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Applying Blush

When applying blush paying attention to face shape matters! While all the spots are generally in the cheek area, applying blush in particular shapes or lines has a similar effect to contouring.How To Correctly Apply Blush For Your Face Shape
Blush is a tough kind of makeup to wear. People worry about putting to much on and looking like a clown, or not putting on enough and looking washed out.
Different techniques apply to different faces – when it comes to makeup or life there isn’t ever a one size fits all. All face shapes and sizes need to be embraced

How To Correctly Apply Blush For Your Face Shape

Just like contouring, there are specific techniques to apply blush. You have to find the right consistency for your skin type, the right shade for your skin color, and apply it the correct way for your face shape. We’ve all been guilty to applying blush directly onto our cheeks and it doesn’t always look the best. Here’s are some methods used by professional makeup artists (and a couple of our favorite blushes) to try out. We guarantee you won’t regret it!


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Source : Wayne Goss
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Order You Apply Makeup Matters


Apply Makeup In the Correct Order

apply-makeup-prep-your-faceDoes your bronzer mysteriously disappear during the day, your eye shadow end up closer to your eyebrows that your lids and your mascara leave flecks on your skin? You could be applying your make-up in the wrong order.
Some people believe that doing the eyes first before applying foundation is the way to go. However, product fallout may actually be harder to remove on bare skin. It’s best to create a clean canvas using foundation and just correct mistakes afterwards.

The Order You Apply Makeup Really Matters

There’s a natural order with almost everything that goes on with our lives, even with beauty products. While putting on makeup isn’t exactly considered science, the sequence in which we do it is actually very important.
What’s the ideal order you may ask? Here’s what you should be doing.

Prime it up - Watch Now

Ever had a full face of makeup you spent hours on only for it to start smudging off in the middle of the day? To make your makeup last longer and make your foundation glide on easily, apply a healthy coat of primer to your face. It’s best to choose one that is best suited for your skin; a mattifying primer for oily skin, a moisturizing one for dry skin, or a color correcting one for issues with redness

Apply The Base - Watch Now

When your foundation doesn’t cut it when it comes to covering up your blemishes, turn to a concealer to hide problem areas such as dark circles, acne or scars.

Make your eyebrows on fleek

How you do your eyebrows can make or break your entire look. Shape and fill in your brows before heading on to doing your eye makeup. Having groomed brows gives you a clearer arch to work with when it’s time to apply your eyeshadow.
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Source : Wayne Goss

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