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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Celebrate Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

Valentines - image 1Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is a celebration observed on February 14 each year  when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship.
It is also a time to appreciate friends in some social circles and cultures. For example, Valentine’s Day in Finland refers to “Friend’s day”, which is more about remembering all friends rather than focusing solely on romance. Valentine’s Day in Guatemala is known as Day of Love and Friendship). It is similar to Valentine’s Day customs and traditions countries such as the United States but it is also a time for many to show their appreciation for their friends.Valentines - image 1
Watch this superb tutorial below and how to do a straightforward Valentines Day makeup.

Beautiful Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Wake Up Beautiful


About Beauty Sleep

sleeping 2 - imageWhen it comes to your beauty routine, sleep may be the closest thing there is to a fountain of youth. Your body repairs itself and recovers while you snooze, and that leads to a long list of benefits for your looks. The key is to get enough shut-eye — 7 to 9 quality hours each night.If you’re getting fewer than 6 hours, it’s likely affecting your appearance. Start getting 1 to 3 more hours of Zzz’s, and you could see some improvement in as little as a day. Keep it up, and within 2 to 3 weeks, people will notice that you’re sleeping better by the way you look.
Watch this Kandee Johnson video below for more tips on how to wake up more beautiful

13 Ways To Wake Up Extra Beautiful

Looking forward to Spring

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Makeup Trends

The future beauty trends from the Paris, Milan, London and New York Fashion Week runways.  The eyes had it and models sported washes of blue shadow and other bold colors  in the shape of bandit masks. Original!
Although this look is striking it may not be everybody’s cup of tea.
When it comes to makeup – wear what suits you and what makes you feel comfortable.
2016 makeup trends - image2016 makeup trends 2 - image
If  love the fresh, feminine pinks and neutral looks then you must watch Jaclyn Hill in her amazing Spring Makeup Tutorial below – you will love it.

Fresh Spring Makeup Tutorial | Pinks & Neutrals | Jaclyn Hill

Makeup That Applies Itself?

Imagine changing your makeup simply by pressing a button!

The Age of Sci-fi Makeup?

Imagine being able to programme in several different makeup styles that allow you to change your look throughout the day …… without re-applying any makeup at all.Beautiful makeup 3 - image
Imagine just slapping makeup on that would instantly rearrange itself.  This would take seconds but look like you have spent hours on it.

Intelligent Cosmetics

The make-up that refuses to smudge: Intelligent cosmetics could allow wearer to change from daytime to evening glamour at touch of a button

The wearer will be able to change her look at the press of a button

Smudge Free makeup - image

Imagine smudge free makeup!!!
Experts say that within as little as five years’ time, it will be possible to buy intelligent make-up that arranges itself on the face, takes just seconds to apply and refuses to smudge.

Click here for more amazing facts on intelligent makeup and see how this will be done
Source : Mailonline

Secrets for Brides-To-Be For a Perfect Day

Ah, your wedding day.  One of the most special and important days in your life.  With a bit of planning you can ensure that this will be a memorable and magic day. 

12 Things to Know Before Your Wedding Day

Chelsea shares some tips she learned of her big day in the hope that what she share will help other brides-to-be on their special day.
 Don’t wear heels for your rehearsal, unless you’re a frequent heel wearer.wedding shoes - image
I’m not a big heel wearer because I’m tall enough sans shoes.  But I wore 3 inch wedges for our wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  HUGE mistake.  I was struggling to walk in my 2 inch heels 3 hours into my wedding day.  If you do wear heels for your rehearsal pop on some flats for the rest of the evening, especially if your feet aren’t conditioned to walk in heels.
Hold your bouquet low.wedding bouquet - image
I cringe when I see brides holding their bouquets up by their faces.  It may feel weird to hold it low, but trust me, it looks so much better. Before walking down the aisle with my dad and stepdad, I held my bouquet where I wanted it and told them to hook my arms.  Do the same with whoever walks you down the aisle.

 Baby wipes are your best friend.
We did First Look photos outside before our ceremony, which meant that the bottom hem of my dress was dirty even though I picked it up when I walked around.  When my bridal party and I got to our ceremony venue, my Maid of Honor busted out some baby wipes and went to town cleaning the hem of my dress.  The baby wipes were magical– taking all the dirt off my dress.  When I walked down the aisle no one could tell how dirty it was 30 minutes earlier.   Note: My dress was satin.  Make sure you can use baby wipes on your dress material.
Have your Maid of Honor practice bustling your dress before the wedding day.
Having your Maid of Honor (or whoever will be bustling your dress) practice bustling your dress before your big day will save time.  If possible, have her accompany you to your last fitting so your seamstress can show her how to do it.  Note: I had a one-point bustle and it held strong all night, never breaking.  I credit my seamstress using Ric-Rac ribbon.
Bustle 1 - imageBustle 2 - image
“In the above pictures you see a before picture of the train on the left. Then take a look at what the train looks like on the right after the ballroom bustle has been hooked up.
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